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Angus D. Birditt

The Flower Grower

Flower Grower 7.jpg

Meet Jeanette, a seasonal flower grower upon the fenland plains. Journeying through the fenland landscape, you’ll see vast skies, uninterrupted horizons, and swathes of green and gold cereals depending which time of year you pass. In late spring, however, amongst the muddied ploughed fields, you’ll pass the odd spill of vivid colour; sharp blues, reds and purples, which ignite the land in front. Lines of cornflower, marigold, Angelica and lupin light the eyes. Jeanette tells me she’s been growing flowers all her life, a profession that gets her out in the countryside and amongst wildlife. The photography collection was taken during the flower season in East Anglia. A wonderful firework display of colour in an otherwise vast plain of ploughed mud.

Flower 2.jpg

Deep within the fields, now laid with summer hues,

Flushed in violet petal sprays, and starred in pastel blues.

Flower Grower 3.JPG

How only she knows this life, a stoic country heart,

Living off the land, knowing the harrier and the lark.

Flower Grower 4.JPG
Flower Grower 2.JPG

The Flower Grower

Words, Poem & Photographs by Angus D. Birditt 

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