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Danefold Farms, The South East (Angus D. Birditt) 1.jpg

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

"'Regenerative Agriculture' terms an all-encompassing ethos - yet to have an on-farm set framework of measurement- that places Nature and it's cycles, and that of soil health more specifically, at the forefront of its farming practices. It is a term ever-evolving and progressing towards producing diverse, nutritious food whilst regenerating the natural environment and its elements." - Angus D. Birditt

Explore the following articles, interviews and photographs that look into the ever-evolving, progressive movement of regenerative agriculture in the British & Irish Isles

Ardross Farm & Shop (Angus D. Birditt, Our Isles) 28.jpg


Explore the collaboration between Our Isles and Pasture for Life (PfL), highlighting their Certified farms in Fife. Pasture for Life Certified means they are 100% pasture-fed assured. 

Romshed Farm, The South East (Angus D. Birditt) 43.jpg


Our Isles collaborates again with Pasture for Life, this time narrating their Certified farmers and butchers working to the highest levels of food and farming in the South East region.

Limden Brook Organic, The South East (Angus D. Birditt) 21.jpg


Read the interview with Sam Newington, an organic and Pasture for Life Certified farmer, who highlights his use of regenerative farming methods on his farms in East Sussex.

Danefold Farms, The South East (Angus D. Birditt) 1.jpg


The following article narrates the work of Pasture for Life Certified farmer Olly Martin who runs Danefold Farms, where he grazes his rare-breed species of White Park cattle.

ADB 1 Welsh Style 2 (30x20 inches, plus 1 inch white border).jpg


The following article by Angus D. Birditt was written for the Sustainable Food Trust, which highlights the vital importance of managing the semi natural habitat for biodiversity.

Balcaskie Farms (Angus D. Birditt, Our I


An article highlighting Pasture for Life Certified farm, Balcaskie Farms in Fife. The farms are run by the Balcaskie Estate and sell to their local butchery, the Butchery at Bowhouse.

Fife Dexters (Angus D. Birditt, Our Isle


Read the article that highlights the Pasture for Life Certified farmers, Robert and Kate Campbell in Fife, using methods of silvopasture to farm their pasture-fed Dexters.

Durie Farms (Angus D. Birditt, Our Isles) 8.jpg


An article following the regeneratively-minded farmer, Doug Christie, at his farm called Durie Farms in Scotland. Doug tries to find the right balance between resting and grazing grassland.

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