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Our Isles Poetry Book

Read an extract taken from the illustrated poetry book that celebrates rural life.


Read the Q&A with the head miller, Andrew Wilkinson at Gilchesters Organics.


Explore the cheesemaker who is reviving the delicious regional cheeses of Shropshire.


Q&A: Meet the Farm Vet, Navaratnam Partheeban

Read the following article and photography that interviews Navaratnam Partheeban, a farm vet who is helping to progress the industry and explains his love for farming.

An article highlighting the on-going support of British farmhouse cheese, raising the awareness of the benefits of supporting small-scale producers.


Read the article and collection of photography that captures the life and works of the family-run Whichford Pottery in Warwickshire.

Whichford Pottery has been a family business since 1976. Founded by Dominique and Master Potter Jim Keeling, the pottery is now one of the largest hand making potteries in Europe. Jim, alongside his eldest son, Adam, now spearheads over twenty-five potters and makers to continue both the legacy of Whichford Pottery and the ancient process of pottery making itself...

An article that sheds light on how important it is to support our British farmers and to protect our food standards in the British Isles from lower standard imports.


An article to support and raise the awareness of British Farmhouse Cheese, to help and encourage a nation to buy regional artisan cheeses at this difficult time.

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