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Our Isles explores and celebrates the artistry of rural life in Britain and Ireland,

through its food & drink, arts, culture, nature and landscape.

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Angus D. Birditt

Author, Food Writer, Photographer, Curator, Poet, Cook


Angus D. Birditt is a food writer and photographer, nominated for Best Food Book of 2022 in the André Simon AwardsDebut Food Book in the Fortnum & Mason Food & Drink Awards 2023, and listed in the Financial Times, The Independent and BBC Food Programme's Top Books of 2022.

Angus is also an award-winning curator, poet, award-winning food producer and founder of Our Isles. He writes and photographs on food & drink, agriculture, nature and rural heritage. Angus has worked for the Sustainable Food Trust, Pasture for Life, Farms to Feed Us, Pipers Farm and collaborated with many other distinguished organisations. He has published a collection of poetry called Our Isles with Pavilion Books and A Portrait of British Cheese with Quadrille Publishing.

"We founded 'Our Isles' as a means to share, celebrate, and in some way, go to preserve the rural environment in Britain and Ireland. Under the canopy of 'Our Isles', we create and edit engaging work like our editorial 'Stories within Our Isles', publish articles, host exhibitions and write books, all to express our love for the countryside and to encourage its exploration."

Angus D. Birditt & Lilly Hedley

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Lilly Hedley

Printmaker & Illustrator


Lilly is a published illustrator, printmaker and award-winning food producer. Her work is inspired by British rural heritage and history, our ever beautiful nature and folklore. All the work she produces is handmade, using ethically-sourced papers and materials. Lilly also does content research for the online editorial Stories within Our Isles, helping to showcase the best of rural talent. Her prints and illustrations have been published in two books.

Our Isles has proudly worked alongside the following organisations on various projects:

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Arts Council Wales Our Isles
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Our Isles Exhibition
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Forest + Found

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