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A Portrait of British Cheese

by Angus D. Birditt

Brefu Bach (Chapter) 8.tiff

A Celebration of Artistry, Regionality and Recipes

A Portrait of British Cheese celebrates the excellence of artisan and farmhouse cheese in the British Isles, expressing it as a product of the land, its animals, and its people, offering a snapshot of rural life, artisan traditions and delicious dishes.

Poacher (Chapter) 11.tiff

'I’d happily eat this book – with a spoonful of chutney.'
Gill Meller

Caws Teifi (Chapter) 4.tiff
Lancashire (Chapter) 1.tiff

'This book highlights the wonderful diversity of people, scales and skills which characterise and bind together the emergent community of UK artisan cheese makers.'
Patrick Holden, Sustainable Food Trust

Stonebeck (Chapter) 3.tiff

'An essential read for anyone wanting to get down to the nitty gritty of traditional British Cheese.'
Andy Swinscoe, The Courtyard Dairy

'This beautiful book brilliantly captures the artisan cheese industry as it stands today, and issues a call to all of us to ensure its future by keeping real cheese on our plates.'
Bronwen Percival, Cheese Expert & Author

'Angus has shone an exquisitely lit spotlight on the talented British cheesemaking community. Full of personal stories, warmth and admiration, Angus teases out just what makes British cheese so special.'

Ruth Raskin, The Fine Cheese Co.

'A book rich and generous with information, that like any good cheese, you’ll be sure to return to until you’ve devoured it all.' 
Valentine Warner, Author & Chef

'This is a beautiful book celebrating iconic British cheesemakers that transports you across the British Isles with stunning photography and stories of culture, history and families. The multi-talented Angus really has curated a very special cheese book.'

Tracey Colley, Academy of Cheese

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