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Honest agriculture

Jac Williams is a photographer based between Cambridge and North Wales. The latter is where he has spent the majority of his life surrounded by Wales' unique rural landscape and agricultural life. Jac studied photography at Anglia Ruskin's School of Art in Cambridge, where he was greatly inspired in the realm of digital photography.

After his time in Cambridge, Jac returned home to North Wales where he focused his efforts on capturing and exposing the raw, true working image of rural life in Wales. His series 'Honest agriculture' is a collection of photographs that focus on the farmers that work within the Dee Valley of North Wales, the region where he grew up.

Over the course of taking the series, Jac came to learn and understand the farmer's steadfast values and relentless ability to work hard. 'Honest agriculture' is a series that aims to inform others about the hard work and dedication these farmers go through on our isles in order to produce the food to feed the nation.


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