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Hedgerows have been around for millennia, shifted by nature and shaped by humans. Discover the story of hedgerows throughout the last few thousand years…  

In collaboration with Our Isles and a collective of artists, chefs, farmers, historians, and specialists; this exhibition narrates the story of the hedgerow throughout history, to the present day and beyond.


Expressed through a diverse and considered collection of work relating to the hedgerow, including paintings, poetry, prose, printmaking, objects, films and more.


Hedgerow highlights the importance of the hedgerow as a semi-natural habitat within our environment; focusing on the fundamental aspects of the hedgerow; its structure, habitat and species, history and purpose, management and tradition, environmental benefits, and as a source of food for animals and humans.

Hedgerow digital 10.JPG
Hedgerow digital 7.JPG

A view into the Hedgerow exhibition, the Hedgerow mural painted by artist Lilly Hedley, inspired by her love for the countryside and its diverse wildlife and flora.

Hedgerow digital 23.JPG

Hedgerow Exhibition at the Food Museum

Words by Food Museum & Angus D. Birditt

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