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Exhibition Artists

Angus D. Birditt, biopic 13.jpg

Author, poet, photographer and founder of Our Isles, Angus has curated the exhibition and exhibits his photography, prose and poetry in the Hedgerow exhibition at the Food Museum.

Angus D. Birditt Our Isles Exhibition

Printmaker and illustrator Lilly Hedley assisted on the curation of Hedgerow and exhibits a series of her prints in it, showcasing the wildlife that calls the hedgerow environment home.

Alex W.jpg

Alex is a woodworker deeply inspired by nature and the seasonal changes in the landscape. He will be exhibiting a series of his woodworks inspired by his connection to the hedgerow.


Nationally renowned British printmaker, Angie Lewin has contributed a collection of her prints to the Hedgerow exhibition inspired by Nature and the semi-natural habitat.

Antony Wren bio pic.jpeg

Antony Wren

Antony is a nature photographer, who captures the exquisite detail of the wildlife that call the rural environment home. Antony exhibits his Emperor Moth in the Hedgerow exhibition.



ATM is a street artist painting birds threatened with extinction, 67 species now in serious decline across Britain. ATM exhibits his yellowhammer at Hedgerow.

Christiane G.jpg

Christiane Gunzi

Based in Sussex, Christiane handcrafts traditional baskets using English willow, rush and other natural materials. She exhibits three delicate bird nests made from birch branches.

Joseph Dupre.jpg

Joseph Dupré

Joseph is a versatile artist, ranging from printmaking and painting to sculpture. He exhibits three beautiful pieces in Hedgerow, a jay, yellowhammer and hedgerow urn.

Screenshot 2022-07-22 at 11.11.29.png

Joya Berrow

Joya is a photographer and filmmaker. Her work is inspired by the rural environment, community and connecting people to nature. Joya exhibits her photography in the Hedgerow exhibition. 

Kamaria pic.jpg

Kamaria Pryce

Kamaria is a self-taught watercolour artist. Her inspiration comes from everyday objects and the natural environment. Kamaria exhibits four watercolours of a meadow in each season. 


Marco Kesseler

Marco is a photographer with an interest in portraits, food and contemporary social stories. He exhibits his photographs on landscape, hedgelaying and foraging in Hedgerow.

meg fartharly.jpg

Meg Fatharly

Meg creates art from paper fragments, re-arranging them through printmaking and collage. Meg exhibits three charming collages in the Hedgerow exhibition at the Food Museum.

Mohamed pic.jpg

Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed is a photographer capturing a variety of subjects from portraiture to the natural environment. From Wales, Mohamed exhibits three photographs in the Hedgerow exhibition.

elm 1.jpg

Richard Allenby-Pratt

Richard is a photographer, who has exhibited globally, and now lives in Suffolk. Richard exhibits his landscape photography in Hedgerow captured in his home county.

Toom Bunning.jpg

Tom Bunning

Tom is a commercial photographer working in the UK. Tom exhibits a series of his photographs that capture Ben Short hedgelaying in Dorset, laying in the county's regional style.


Venetia Higgins

Venetia is a painter and printmaker, inspired by animals and her local surroundings of the Suffolk countryside including it's wildlife. She exhibits four paintings to the Hedgerow exhibition.

Nigel Adams - 2Cutting the pleacher.jpg

Nigel Adams

Nigel has been hedgelaying since he was 21 and competes in many competitions around the country. He has been a consultant on the Hedgerow exhibition at the Food Museum.


Megan Gimber

Megan is the Habitats Officer at PTES and is a self-confessed geek on hedgerows, a font of all knowledge on the semi natural habitat. Megan was a consultant for the Hedgerow exhibition.

Tom Williamson_370x370.jpeg

Tom Williamson

Tom is a landscape historian, writer and landscape archaeologist with wide-ranging interests. He has been a consultant for the Hedgerow exhibition at the Food Museum.

Hedgerow exhibition is proudly supported by the Arts Council of England

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