Exhibition Artists

Author, poet, photographer and founder of Our Isles, Angus will be exhibiting his work that captures those rural lives in the British Isles who have a deep connection to the land. 

Printmaker, illustrator and founder of Our Isles, Lilly will be exhibiting a series of her print work inspired by living in the Welsh countryside and her travels over the British Isles.

Chloé Rosetta Bell

Chloé is an artist and researcher. Material-focused and primarily working in clay, her practice examines the livelihoods that are dependent on a specific landscape.

Maria Bell

Maria is a photographer specialising in food, lifestyle, portraiture and the environment. Maria will be exhibiting her photographs capturing and celebrating the Welsh sea salt harvest.

Max Birditt

Max is a winemaker and illustrator, who will be exhibiting his series of ink sketches that observe vine growth, expressing each stage of the growth through the seasons.

Phillip Boyd

Phillip is a surfing, lifestyle and sea-life photographer. He also finds jellyfish intriguing, so in the summer months he’ll follow these creatures until the Autumn swells approach. 

Born and raised in Cornwall, Rosie is a freelance writer and photographer with a love for the outdoors and story-telling. She will be exhibiting photographs from her 'Chasing Fish' series.

Christian Doyle

Christian is a photographer who captures social portraits of both people and rural animals. She will be exhibiting a few of her photographs that depict rural life in the Our Isles exhibition.

Lottie Hampson

Lottie is a photographer and maker who works with photography, drawing, food and ceramics. Her interests lie in the connection between people and the landscape.

Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed’s work encompasses portrait, landscape and street photography. Originally from Alexandria, Mohamed has been living and working in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

Grania Howard

Grania is a photographer, who will be exhibiting her photographs capturing the life of a particular community of Travellers that have a long and deep-rooted connection to horses.

Rory Hudson

Rory is a designer and furniture maker from Pen Llŷn, North Wales, exploring the connection to the land using native timbers, inspired by the story of trees & traditional skills.

Alex Ingram

Alex is a freelance photographer based in London, whose work ‘seamlessly documents the beauty of the world around him.’ He captures people and expresses the stories they have to tell.

Olivia Bush

Olivia is a printmaker and book designer. Led by tactile processes and materials, her practice is heavily influenced by rich areas of landscape from across the UK.

Jaime Molina

Jaime is a documentary photographer, using his photography to find ways of exploring and communicating the spellbinding stories found in the natural world.

Joanna Porter

Joanna is a basket maker and weaver from the island of Bardsey (Ynys Enlli) in Wales. Joanna will be exhibiting her series of 'Bardsey baskets' based on a traditional basket from the island.

Alex Walshaw

Alex is a woodworker deeply inspired by nature and the seasonal changes in the landscape. He will be exhibiting a series of his woodworks inspired by his connection to the landscape.

Jac Williams

Jac is a Welsh photographer from a farming family. He documents the working life of his family farm, aiming to raise the awareness of the lives in farming. 

Our Isles exhibition is proudly supported by Arts Council of Wales

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