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Witnessing Wales

Mohamed Hassan is a photographer inspired by his local rural surroundings in Neyland, Pembrokeshire. Mohamed’s contribution to ‘Stories within Our Isles’ is his enchanting collection of photography called ‘Witnessing Wales’ that captures the natural, raw landscape of Wales.

On recent trips, I have become mesmerized by the effect of travelling in wet and misty weather. The contrast it creates in the surrounding landscape is inspiring to capture on film, especially the way it almost blurs the trees and the buildings flashing past in our peripheral vision, giving the impression that time and space is slower than it actually is. Sitting in the car feels like sitting in the middle seat at the cinema, watching the frames of a film in slow motion. In fact, being in the car is akin to the inside of a camera with the windscreen as your lens, framing your view of the outside world.

Photographs & Words by Mohamed Hassan |


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