From the sheltered estuary leading away from the small village of Aberffraw, takes you southwards on to the vast, flat plains of gleaming sand that sweep until the eye can see. Right of the beach is a resident squabble of seagulls that rise and fall on the sea's deflated swash foraging for sprats. Further on towards the cliffs that line the right, swing round the head out the of sight. 


Llyn Idwal


Tucked away amongst the pinnacles of Snowdonia, Llyn Idwal lies below a natural amphitheatre. Named after an ancient Kings of Wales, the lake is fed by the towers of waterfalls that fall from all around. Walk around the lake's circumference and appreciate the mass of land and brevity of humanity. The water is the colour of crystal and full of mineral taste. 


Pont Cyfyng


Hidden away under the ancient road from London to Holyhead, an even more aged pass lies beneath, beside the ripples of River Llugwy. Flanked by moss-ridden stone walls and flooded by a sea of lichen, the Llugwy road of Cyfyng only connects to human life through the infrequent sound cars lining the distant by-pass. The route paves its way through enchanting forests and passes a collective of estuaries shattering over volcanic rock. 




On the far westerly point of the Isle of Anglesey, Rhoscolyn exhibits a sheer cliff face of rock. This dramatic, exposed length of the coastline looks out onto the green Irish Sea. Rough and wild in winter, and steadily calm in summer, the waters inhabits a huge variety of wildlife from schools of common dolphin to peregrine falcons nesting on juts of rock out at sea. Walk up to the headland to find the cosy confines of the coastguard hut. Inside you will find an aged sea dog, scanning the miles of waters in front for cargo ships and lost souls. Once you reach the top of its headland, this stretch of coastline on the British Isles will blow it's draft of bitter sharp air. 



Words & Photography by Angus D. Birditt

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