Angus D. Birditt

The Cambridgeshire Flats

The Cambridgeshire flats  


The flat lands slide in gentle waves

Of dried cereal; barley and wheat,

And of the ever present ivy greens

That climbs beyond the fodder beet.

It is the perfect stage

For the clouds to show;

In their bright grey blankets

And their stark white glows.

Upon the drawn horizons,

Fans of poplar trees and turbines

Shoot up and tower over 

A land set in measured lines. 

Each carve the sky,

And crowds of passing cloud.

The shallow, even landscape,

Relentless, long and ploughed.

Carved in drainage ditches,

And rising in rare, ancient dyke,

Of Devil’s and of Fleam,

Of Icknield, and the like. 

Each summer comes the life,

Where swifts and swallows light the skies,

Catching midges in constant throw,

Lifts the heart from winter’s cries. 

The Cambridgeshire Flats

Photographs & Words by Angus D. Birditt | @ourisles

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