Explore Grania Howard's series of photography called Cob Culture. Taken during her travels across the British Isles, Grania captures the unique connection between travellers and their horses. 


Honest agriculture

From his journey within the Dee Valley, Jac Williams ventures across fields and farms talking to and capturing the lives of Welsh farmers.


Suffolk's brewery making waves in the craft industry, creating strong flavoursome brews.  


Explore the work of Chloé Rosetta Bell, a versatile designer, greatly inspired by the British landscape and by the people who live and work amidst its tides and seasons.

Isle of Anglesey

Read about Sam Lomas' journey, his love for cafes and the inspiration behind 'Tide'.

Irish Sea

Explore the following article and photography, where Welsh surfer, Urien Dwyfor Davies-Hughes, discusses his love for surfing and the Welsh coast.


Read about India Johnson, weaver and founder of the Orkney Cloth Company, who makes natural materials inspired by the local Orkney landscape.

Isle of Skye

Printmaker Olivia Lucy writes about her journey through the landscape of rural Scotland. Finishing up in the Isle of Skye, she writes how it inspired her to create a new series of prints.


Read how Jamie Boult is inspired by his local Scottish landscape, and how he creates his up-cycled and sustainable products from the rural materials he finds within it. 

Lleyn Peninsula

Meet Rory Hudson, a craftsman and woodworker, who talks about his deep connection to trees and how he uses his craft in woodworking to create a legacy for others to enjoy. 


A photography collection by Angus D. Birditt, portraying the life within Pump Street Bakery in the heart of Orford in Suffolk.


Meet the set of brothers, who are creating exciting projects based around them in rural Wales.


Jessica Langford-Snape bakes in the rural setting of Somerset. She offers a seasonal recipe to savour.

North Yorkshire

Meet the rural chefs, who have co-founded the supper club series and blog Guido e Marfa that is based on their mutual love for using local, British ingredients to cook traditional Italian dishes.


Xanthe Gladstone, the up-and-coming vegetarian chef, talks about the joy of finding of her culinary niche, and her plan to bring communities together with food. 


The young entrepreneurial duo, who founded Two Islands Ice Cream in the heart of Abersoch, talk about the importance of using local, quality ingredients, plus they share a tasty recipe.


Meet the couple behind Shell on Earth, a sustainable company born out of the desire of husband and wife team Jordan and Caryl Andrews to recycle crushed whelk shells. 

Isle of Anglesey

Designer Jess Lea-Wilson talks about living beside the Menai Strait, her love of the landscape of Anglesey, and her characterful series of prints focusing on her favourite places on the island.


Read and explore Rosie Brown's article and captivating photography series called 'Chasing Fish', depicting a fisherman and his deep relationship with the sea. The collection of photographs were taken on the Cornish coastline. 


Meet Joshua Hales, wild boar farmer, tending to his sounder of wild boar that forage within woodland of ash and silver birch.



Old Lands is run by three generations of the Bosanquet family. Read about its history, sustainability, and how it aims to continue inspiring the younger generations to explore the outdoors.


Read how Jethro Tennant, Salt Harvester, went from boiling seawater over his stove at home to supplying his award-winning Dorset sea salt across the whole of the British Isles.


The following article and photography series sees Angus D. Birditt capture the life and workings of Whichford Pottery in the county of Warwickshire, founded in 1976. 


Explore the photography series by Angus D. Birditt, evoking the life and work of a farrier. Angus journeys to Newmarket in Suffolk to meet farriers working on the finest racehorses in the world.

Welsh Border

Meet Bertie Weal, who discusses the art of fly-fishing, and his deep affection of being at one with nature whilst fishing along the riverbanks.


Lucy Augé is an artist who captures the fragile essence of nature. Working between abstraction and representation, explore the following words & imagery, where Lucy describes working alongside nature and the seasons.

Kingston upon Hull

The two designers from Studio Kettle, Alexander E Jones and Lauren Emily Wilson, want to re-address our rapid consumption habits and disposable culture, and promote a deeper attachment to our belongings.

British Isles



Meet Hannah Thomas, a forager and chef, who is inspired by using foods from her local landscape. Read about her love for the rural landscape and where she sources her local ingredients.


Sophie Twining is a printmaker inspired by the ocean and seascape of the British Isles. Read how she describes her deep connection to the ocean through her project 'Blue Mind'.

British Isles

Read the following article by Angus D. Birditt, where he talks about the British artisans, makers and suppliers that are now delivering their edible delights straight to your door.

British Isles

“a call to arms” has been made by cheesemakers and cheesemongers to buy their cheeses and dairy products in order for them to survive, and with it, the preservation of our food heritage.


Read the article by Angus D. Birditt on how Jonny & Dulcie Crickmore from Fen Farm Dairy in Suffolk make their award-winning Baron Bigod.


Mohamed Hassan is a photographer inspired by his local rural surroundings in Neyland, Pembrokeshire. Explore his photography series called 'Witnessing Wales', which he contributes to Stories within Our Isles

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