Meet the rural chefs, Guy Cooper and Harriet Martha Protheroe, who have co-founded the supper club series and blog ‘Guido e Marfa’ that is based on their mutual love for using local, British ingredients and cooking Italian food. Based in rural North Yorkshire, where they bring ‘la dolce vita’ to its plethora of undulating valleys, Guy and Harriet have been inspired not only by their travels but also the idea of using local ingredients to North Yorkshire to create their traditional Italian dishes. They share with us a wonderful recipe, using wild and local North Yorkshire ingredients to create a traditional, hearty Italian dish. Read about how the two started the series and enjoy the accompanying recipe. 

We were at a low ebb in Trieste airport waiting for a delayed flight back to London when the idea for our little food business was born. A shared love of Italy and of feeding family and friends came together in Guido e Marfa. Having eaten so well in this little known region of Italy, we realised that although we might be coming home, the recipes could come with us. The Supper Club Series aimed to take guests on a tour through the regional cooking of Italy, one menu at a time. 

Capturing Natural Form

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